Saturday, 26 September 2015


My blogging is about erratic as my moods. I feel sorry for this little online space of mine... But not as sorry as I am currently feeling for myself and my little boy.

Diabetes has been winning my pregnancy and I have changed medication dosages more times than I care to remember and then just as I thought there is actually a possibility that I could be winning my pregnancy instead, my sugar levels decided to give me a big toffee. Just because it can. So now we have more medicine to try and get this crazy ass bull under control. Dont ask about the side effects though. When I first started on the new dosage, without going into all the details, let's just say I was man down. As in, lying on the couch, hardly moving, eating, drinking, breathing, living. Eventually Shawn forced me to eat lunch and even slaved away in the kitchen for my benefit. Good man.

Worse off than my sugar issues, I have developed a bit of a high blood pressure issue. Where this comes from is anyones guess. Currently as we stand right now, I have to measure my BP for the next 3 days and send the results to my OBGYN on Monday morning and they will make a decision as whether to take Jared out next week or still leave him to bake until the 6th of October.

Am I ready? I dont know. I have a lot of mixed emotions. I am super excited to meet our precious little boy, but I am also rather scared. I guess thats pretty normal too though?

Everything is pretty much ready for his arrival. Just a few odds and ends here and there that need to be seen to, but for the most part, I think we've got this.

And because I dont have anything more to say, here are some pictures to end of this post

Room Decor

Dummy Chain (DIY)

Little People Clothes

36 Weeks

Maternity Shoot at 32 weeks

Still Nikki's favourite spot, even if there is no space